BabyCTF Briefing

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by zangobot

Hi everybody! Welcome to the last meeting of 2017: the briefing BabyCTF, to warm up.

We propose you a set of challenges that you can try to hack during the holidays: this is our Christmas present for you ;-)

We anticipate your question (“How can I participate?”) and we suggest you these steps:

1) solve the challenges (see below) and collect the flags / passwords;

2) go to Aulaweb, enroll in Boeing-Unige Scholarship Project Course;

3) find the questionnaire named “Carica qui le tue flag”;

4) fill the blanks!

Notice that you have only one shot! Once you have confirmed the questionnaire, you can’t do it again! If you are not sure or you haven’t finished yet, you can save your intermediate results and continue later.

Be aware that the questionnaire will close on 23:59 of Thursday, 10th 2018.

It’s time to hack this holiday away ;-)

Merry Xmas!

Happy Xmas!