Wireshark Network Analysis

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by zangobot

If MITM attacks on Android crashed your sweet dreams and raised your paranoia, it’s time to inflict you the final blow.

Imagine you’re communicating with your best friend. You don’t trust phones anymore. So you open your bag, pull out your PC and start chatting.

I’m sorry, any kind of traffic can be sniffed and analyzed: MITM IS EVERYWHERE.


That’s the core of the last class: Wireshark Network Analysis.

Enrico Russo (enriquez) explains how to master this fantastic tool, named Wireshark.

It can be easily used to analyze each packet that passes through the connected network card in promiscuous mode.

More important, given a list of packets captured somehow, it gives the user the ability to open it and search for useful information. It’s like playing the part of a detective (or a thief, just to be clear).

This class concludes this cycle of ZenHack meeting! Boeing CTF will take place on February 5th: you can still enroll here.

It was a pleasure having all of you during our lessons! Hope to see you in the future.

Stay tuned and happy hacking to everyone! ;-)

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alt text

  • What are those things…?

alt text

  • Let’s encrypt some data with SSL / TLS.

alt text

  • This is the handshake. Got it?

alt text

  • Switch are very useful devices.

alt text

  • Man in The Middle, explained by enriquez!

alt text

  • enriquez showing how to use Wireshark.

alt text

  • Capturing a flag inside network traffic: DONE.

alt text

  • See you soon!