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by zangobot

The local qualification round of CyberChallenge.IT 2018 is over!

After 3 months of training, the team of UniGe - students between 16 and 22 years old - met in Valle Puggia, for one full day of Capture-the-Flag competition, organized at the same time in 8 Italian universities settled in Milan, Genoa, Padua, Turin, Rome, Naples, and Venice.

Giovanni Lagorio, supported by Marina Ribaudo, Alessandro Armando, Andrea Valenza, Simone Aonzo and Enrico Russo introduced the students to some basics of the vast world of Cyber Security, touching different topics, such as Web Security, Binary Analysis, Cryptography, Android Security, Blockchain and more.

The theoretical lectures have been followed by intense practical training sessions on cyber exercises, and ZenHack has been on the line of fire for teaching students some of the useful tips-and-tricks for beating the first round of the competition, the Local CTF.

The top 4 students, Luigi Sciolla, Gaspare Ferraro, Tiziano Firpo and Emilio Cafe’ Nunes are now training for the National CTF, taking place in Rome at the end of June. There they will meet the other teams, in a two days of hard work (and fun).

But CCIT18 was not only training.

It was an opportunity to create a network of people who worked together for weeks, sharing knowledge and enthusiasm. We had a lot of fun, thank you guys!

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  • Everyone is doing their best!

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  • The same here (but from a different point of view)

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  • Only four will survive…

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  • All out students in white!

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  • ZenHack core!

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  • The staff of CyberChallenge. It was a pleasure working with all of you!