Ethical Hacking @ DIBRIS

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by zangobot

Hi everybody, it has been a while since our last update…

We worked hard during the summer, and we are now ready to deliver some fancy news.

First of all, thanks for attending our first public event for the new academic year, Ethical Hacking @ DIBRIS. If you missed the date and you want a brief recap, you’re in the right place.

Prof. Alessandro Armando opened the event by introducing our research lab, the CSecLab, alongside with the active collaborations with industries and other universities. The collaboration with Boeing will continue also this year, and the 2nd edition of the Boeing-UNIGE CTF is starting. Hence, we will offer a semester of freely available classes covering different aspects of the IT security world, to prepare you for the challenge.

This edition of the Boeing-UNIGE CTF will be organized as follows:

  • training from October, 12th to December, 14th, classes on Friday 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM;
  • the CTF competition will take place December, 20th;
  • four prizes instead of two;
  • six categories for the challenges: binary, web, forensic, network, machine learning and misc.
  • we will stream each class on our YouTube channel!

You can find the program for the last edition here.

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The event continued with a recap of CyberChallenge.IT 2018, where zxgio and ziaribba explained the results achieved by our team zeneize. You may find more detail on CyberChallenge.IT in the previous post.

We asked some students to give a brief pitch on their experience in the wild world of CTFs. Federico Lucini and Lorenzo Maffia talked about their experience in the 1st Boeing-UNIGE CTF, while Luigi Sciolla presented his journey from Boeing-UNIGE CTF to CyberChallenge.IT 2018.

Lorenzo also presented the ZenHackademy, a virtual place for everyone interested in cybersecurity and CTF. You can join the Telegram group by asking in class or dropping a line at our mail!

Last but not least, our dear guest Francesco Picasso, now a member of ZenHack as dfirfpi, entertained the audience with a talk on Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

You can find recordings of this event on our YouTube channel.

Looking forward to meeting you next friday! ;-)

alt text

  • CyberChallenge.IT recap

alt text

  • Federico Lucini during his talk

alt text

  • Lorenzo Maffia wants to become an ethical hacker!

alt text

  • Luigi Sciolla presents his experience during the CyberChallenge 2018.IT

alt text

  • What happened here? Watch the video and find out…

alt text

  • Francesco Picasso concludes the event with his great talk!

alt text

  • Thank you all for being there! See you next Friday!